So, Why Isn’t It Working for You?

Why Isn't It Working For You?

So, Why Isn’t It Working For You? It’s not because you’re a failure, or flawed or incompetent.ย  The reason is usually due to one (or more) of the following: ย ย  You’re trying to fix the wrong things ย ย  You’re not joined to your natural strengths ย ย  You’re not serving a purpose bigger than you ย ย … Continue reading So, Why Isn’t It Working for You?

Be-coming, Not a One-Time Job

Becoming - Not a One Time Job

You’ve likely seen the quote: “Be the change you want to see in the world”. While often attributed to Gandhi, there is no evidence he wrote it but that’s not the point. If you want change in the world, it starts with you.ย  If you want a shift, a difference, changing how you yourself are… Continue reading Be-coming, Not a One-Time Job

Ciero – Holding Space

Path to Destiny

Holding Space The great gift, the beheld as penultimate, Space, yet only if neutral in incline Is this a gift of more than placating norms, For in neutral, space is for what can be Not for more of what is, oh careful pilgrim The line is gray and blurry ‘cept in the deep Where all… Continue reading Ciero – Holding Space