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Yes, I knew you would arrive here right about now and I’m so glad you did.

Yes, YOU, sparkling, purposeful and so ready to finally get OFF The Struggle Train.

I see you.

Yes, burning with the passion to unravel the petals of truth, knowing there is More but not seeing More in your business or your life.

You’re in the right place and I’m happy to serve you.

The best is NOT over!  Get ready, it’s time to unleash YOUR Genius.

It’s time to stand in the truth of your OWN spirited calling.

The Struggle Train is Broken
The Struggle Train is BROKEN

My name is Ron D. Carlson but you can call me the Rocket Man and I am passionate about helping people who want to change. My goal is to help you reveal the truth of the inner spiritual urging you feel.  Only then can you fully embrace your innate genius. I will help you to design a clear path forward that will guide you toward lasting success and inner fulfillment.
I’m an out of the box thinker. Yes, I worked on the Space Shuttle, but that’s not the real reason the Rocket Man nickname stuck. Perhaps this story will help.

My earliest memory is being two years old, lying in crib and seeing energy in my room.  As I learned to talk, I pointed out the shapes to my loving but not seeing parents.  This simply wasn’t their world. They didn’t get it.

As a child playing in the neighborhood, I regularly saw energy forms around me.  No one else seemed to though.  There wasn’t anyone I could talk to about this fantastic unseen world, let alone be believed that this world was real.  I felt completely alone.

As a college aged adult, I was highly intuitive.  I could walk through a neighborhood unknown to me and accurately identify what went on in each house.  This was deemed completely freakish to my diminishing social circle.

As consultation at the Psychic Center was confirming but not comforting.  A lead intuitive told me I was better than he was and there was really nothing he could offer to help me integrate my spirit side with practical living.

As a consequence, I learned to hide my natural ability to feel, to see, to sense, to gain intelligence from the energy worlds.

I learned to present the world with a safe face, as the engineer who worked on Space Shuttle, the business executive, the professor, the accomplished MBA.  I even became known as The Rocket Man.  More on that in a minute.

Inside, the real me, the spirited me languished, trapped inside a facade, desperate for liberation. Sound familiar?

In order to liberate my spirited life and integrate it with the practical, I first needed to learn HOW to change.

As a youngster, I borrowed my brother’s skateboard to see if I could make it go faster. I attached a working model jet engine to it, aimed it up a big hill and fired it up. The smoke and flames were very impressive – so was the scorch mark on the skateboard! However, the board didn’t move, not one inch of progress going up that hill.

The Rocket ManThe next day, I walked with the board up to the top of that big hill and absolutely rocked going down. Big change.

Finally, I got the point. For real and profound change, it’s not enough to switch the engine, change the surroundings, get a different job, alter the machine, update the website. Important yes, but the external shifts were not enough to make lasting change.

Ron needed to change, to shift, to think differently, to go where real change is possible. Ron needed to unleash his natural genius. To do that, I needed to reveal that spirited self inside.  Only then would the real path to profound change become clear.

Standing at the bottom of the skateboard hill bleating “move, go” over and over to that skateboard got me exactly no where.

Duh, When the mountain isn’t coming to you, go to the mountain! When I went to the  mountain top and then launched, I rocked down that hill.

Wow. Real change starts inside.

Its Time For Change

That day was pivotal in my understanding of change. Again and again in my later work as an entrepreneur, corporate executive, intuitive, graduate faculty and even radio voice, I applied this lesson about change. Change starts on the inside.

To make fundamental, deep, personal change, merely wanting it is not enough.

My last day on The Struggle Train was one morning, when I was about to head into the executive gig that had become a J-O-B and I thought, why is this so HARD, sleepless nights hard, energy robbing hard?


Then I got it, this job was another ride on The Struggle Train and this train was going nowhere I wanted to go.

So, I got off that train, scared and liberated all at the same time. In one audacious moment of listening to my genius, I challenged a colleague that we would develop and put on an original workshop, on the other side of the country in six weeks!  That workshop are entirely about revealing your unique, spirited self.

Outrageous, totally unrealistic.Impossible. Ridiculous. We did it anyway.

In six weeks, I wrote my first book, Unlock Your Transformation Codes, designed an original 3 day workshop and co-delivered it.

We worked “right” instead of “hard”. The hours passed effortlessly as though they were just minutes. Sweet. Natural genius.

I stopped being a commuter when I threw my Struggle Train pass out the window and stepped into the truth of my natural genius.

You can too.
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When working with clients, I look at each person as a unique individual, not as a list of problems to be solved. I help you identify where you want to be. Then we plan how to get there in a way that feels true to your deepest values and strengths.

My ultimate goal is to listen deeply to what is important to you, hold that space for you to clarify your ultimate dream and help you to take action to step into that truth and to make it happen.

I want you to know that the best is NOT over and I believe in you.

My name is Ron D. Carlson and this is what I do.

I would be delighted to send you my complimentary e-book “When to Ditch Your Vision Board Immediately, the Three Keys to Spirited Change”. Just click here and I’ll rush it to your inbox.








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