Make a Date with Your Fears

Make a Date with Your Fears

There is noise in the mists.ย  Ill-defined, a bit eerie. A sinking feeling in your gut you sometimes can’t ignore. The “I’d rather be someplace else, almost anyplace” feeling. We all have them.ย  Fear.ย  Whether large or small, seemingly overwhelming or laughable, fear it is.ย  Don’t get me wrong, some fear is survival based and… Continue reading Make a Date with Your Fears

Why You Can’t Fire Yourself for Messing Up

Woman looking at camera as her ice cream fell on the road

We’ve been there, someone is “let-go”, laid-off, fired.ย  Maybe by a boss, perhaps by a friend.ย  Perhaps you have experienced it too. Jarring, abrupt, rending perhaps and then each party moves on. Perhaps you have gently let a graphic designer go or a fired a service provider by simply shifting to someone else. There is… Continue reading Why You Can’t Fire Yourself for Messing Up

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